I am a surgery resident, but I have always been a writer, poet and musician. I love my job as a surgeon in training and have worked so hard to get there. However, I often feel like there is one thing more important than saving people’s lives or “cutting out” their disease – ¬†and that is helping them to see why they want to keep living… just how excruciatingly beautiful this life is. I am blessed with an almost unbearable passion for life. I want to spread that around. I want to die having left that behind.

The name for the blog is unfortunately a cliche, but comes from a story my mother used to tell me about hunting for flowers in the snow at the end of a Montana winter. I am honoring her and her struggle to survive and conquer trauma.

In my video poetry, I want to express concepts only. These are moments of revelation that I desire to share. Just moments. They are not meant to be more than that. I am shamelessly using a mismatch of soundtracks that seem fitting to me. Thank you Mother Nature, Chan Marshall, and many others for allowing me to use your creations within my own – without directly granting me permission. If this ever becomes a problem.. just let me know.